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Essenza di Riviera is a line of 100% natural cosmetic based on extra virgin olive oil from the Italian Riviera by Varaldo Cosmetica.

OUR HISTORY - 1949 - today

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Essenza di Riviera traces it's origins back to the early post-second world war period with the opening of a flower perfume laboratory in the small coastal town of Imperia on the Italian Riviera. At the time, the western Riviera was the hub of a thriving essential oils and natural perfume business - thanks to it's famed flower growing climate and close proximity to the Provence area of France.

The area was alive with small artisinal bussinesses creating essential oils from lavander collected in the foothills of the Martime Alps, and the flower cultivations on the terraced mountain sides that tower over the sea. The Varaldo family began to create their first extracts from flowers and the D.O.P. olive oil extracted via natural methods.

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Jump forward over half a century, and Varaldo Cosmetica decided to relaunch and brand their products as Essenza di Riviera in 2006 - a complete line of cosmetics based on extra virgin olive oil from the Italian Riviera with 100% natural ingredients.

Thanks to a sophisticated but natural composition of their products, and drawing from a base of biological extra virgin olive oil, the Essenza di Riviera line is beginning to have success both in Italy and abroad, and becoming a symbol of Certified Italian Quality.

Find out what goes into out natural cosmetics.


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